Building 3102, Renovation of Flight Test Facility 

Tinker Air Force Base

Pinnacle Veteran Services provided Construction Administrative Services for this 7,500 square foot interior renovation for the 10th Flight Test Squadron.

This project included the addition of a new ventilation system and fuel detection system to the three surrounding aircraft hanger bays. Each said bay is ventilated in regards to emergency mode at 61,000 CFM exhaust and makeup air. The installed ventilation equipment consists of six (6) custom air handlers (two for each bay) with DDC controls, dual plenum supply and exhaust fans, multiple variable frequency drives, heat pipe energy recovery coils with bypass dampers, MERV 8 air filtration, and external steam heating coils to temper the makeup air. Additionally, spark resistant fans with motors out of the airstream are utilized for the exhaust airstream.

Building 3102